What can I answer to the aboutyou.de team, when..

  Here is another big project. A project which started some weeks ago and that was always harder to keep secret to you guys. What can I answer to the aboutyou.de team, one… Continue reading

SPRUNG FRÈRES collection

More about SPRUNG FRÈRES collection you can find here. Enjoy!

Modeshow – JAK Academy

  One of the last shows I attended two weeks ago was JAK Academy. I had the chance to be the guest there and discovering new talents. Some of them are very professional others… Continue reading

Hamburger Kammerspiele

Winter means for me also time for the theater, musicals, cinema etc. The Hamburger Kammerspiele, founded by Erich Ziegel in 1918, developed into a center of modern, expressionist private theater in the 1920s. Both… Continue reading

Prepare for Berlin

The cold weather has just in Hamburg arrived, but also wintertime brings beautiful thing, one of this is a new project in Berlin with Marzena Brandt. She is not only my photographer but also… Continue reading

Sprung Frères coat

Weather changes so much in Hamburg this month: at some days is 16 degrees and sometimes only 2°C. The only solution is layering, that I don’t mind at all when I can wear… Continue reading

Report for Fashion B. in Warsaw

Hi guys, I’m so happy to show you my next article about german economy in online shopping and some news about omni-channel (only in Polish, sorry) click here   or   fashion-biznes-raport       

Unpublished photos from Paris

After fashionweek season I spent a lot of time at home in Hamburg and had time to prepare these photos. Paris Fashionweek is always good idea and visit Paris anyway. I gave you some… Continue reading

horse whisperer

After some days road tripping in France, with these photos shot in Hamburg, on the horse riding on a sunny Indian summer sunset. I gave you some previews on my instagram account  and… Continue reading

Schwarzkopf Academy

I have another surprise for you. Before I go to Paris for PFW, I was a part of the Schwarzkopf Project in the Schwarzkopf Professional Akademie Hamburg. Do you remember our  Schawrzkopf experience… Continue reading

Octoberfest ’16

Here I am back in Germany : after some days in Paris for the Fashion Week is time for Octoberfest! Thank you http://www.MarzenaBrandt.com for this shot! Here is my look from last year. This is an exciting… Continue reading


  Today at 10 am in Paris Luis Vuitton showed his Women’s Spring/Summer 2017 collection. I get already full video from LV. Enjoy!

Les Misérables: PFW DAY3

Paris Fashion Week 1. Okt 2016                    Photos by Zsolt Somorjai I was wearing: PEUTEREY JACKET BAF TROUSERS VENICE BEACH TOP BUFFALO SHOES    


PARIS FASHION WEEK 29 Sept 2016      Photos by Zsolt Somorjai    

Bonjour Paris! PFW DAY 1

PARIS  FAHION WEEK 27.okt.2016                                                          … Continue reading

keep on…and

1.Everything you do, try to do it as best as you can! 2.Realize a dream, your dream! 3.Always believe in yourself! 4.Never stop learning! 5. If not now, when? 6.Good things, take time!… Continue reading

about last VFNO in Düsseldorf on FB.pl

Here you can read my full article about last Vogue Fashion Night Out in Düsseldorf. Thank you Urszula Wiszowata (Editor in Chief at FashionBiznes.pl) for cooperation. 


White and blue outfit immediately make me think about summer time. That’s why I decided to wear for the lunch last sunday this Solutions Dress, Ralph Lauren Bag with R. Lauren Shoes and… Continue reading

Jo Malone Basil & Neroli event

After the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Düsseldorf, here I am back in Hamburg for 2 Weeks, before leaving for Paris Fashion Week. Do you remember when I was in Jo Malone 3… Continue reading

Dior Rouge – The new Lipstick

That was again a new experience, this time with Dior. I love fashion, I love cosmetics and I love going to shows as much as I love to share what inspires me. For… Continue reading

One of the best memories: FNO in Düsseldorf

Hello guys, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany I visited, is Duesseldorf. This is my first time here and first for Vogue Fashion Night Out in Duesseldorf, so I was more than excited.… Continue reading

Vogue Fashion Night Out 2016 in Düsseldorf

Last Friday at 7pm I attended the Vogue Fashion Night Out in Düsseldorf and the event. For this occasion I was wearing an Diesel & Fausto Puglisi look. I was more than excited :… Continue reading


Most of you probably follow my trips  on my instagram profile but, for those who don’t know about my next plans yet… I’m now in Düsseldorf for a weekend of work, for Vogue Fashion Night… Continue reading

Music is my best friend

I hope you are happy wherever you are and you find it, what you are looking for. The music makes me always happy 🙂 Here are the photos from the concert last night… Continue reading

Laced shorts

Everyday I wake up or walk and thinking about how lucky I am: I found my dream job (exactly more than one: I work for Airbus Operations Germany, I have 2 Blogs: mamawie.com and… Continue reading

U ZWEI & Kaisergalerie Fashion After-Work Party

Before I go next week to the concert, visit Düsseldorf and then Paris, now is time for: SUMMER, PALM TREES AND AFTERWORK PARTIES. Cuoio and Pedro Miralles Shoes at my feet, my cable & gauge… Continue reading


After the breakfast, still without make-up and before going to work, there is nothing better than spending hours outside with the dog. This Malteser is not my dog but I love pats very well:-x… Continue reading

Sopot diary: krooked House

Sopot – the city where I studied five long years 😉 at the University Gdańsk, where I spent most youth time between books and friends 🙂  This summer like every year, I was here.… Continue reading


I’m back in Hamburg now, these photos are from Salt Mine in WIELICZKA, where I was 2 weeks ago. That makes me really happy, traveling from one place to the other, exploring new… Continue reading

Warsaw Diary

Photographic diary of my four days spent in the capital of Poland – Warsaw last week, where I met my family. The Palace of Culture and Science, Arkadia Mall, Dyspensa Restaurant, Royal Castle… Continue reading