dolce & gabbana backpack

It’s gonna be amazing this weekend: time for friends, barbecue and only for me! This is the look I wore yesterday: Dolce&Gabbana backpack, Moschino Sweatshirt, Zara Trousers and Givenchy Boots. There are many things I… Continue reading

Floral Fashion in Grand Hotel- day 5

  Floral Fashion! This is one of the looks I prefer wearing: stylish enough to catch the attention and at the same time simple enough to be worn from morning to night without… Continue reading

Upstalsboom – day 3

On Sunday morning, before starting the Photoshoot for my blog, we took some hours off to go on this dream way. It was cloudy and the wind was freezing but this didn’t stop us from enjoying… Continue reading

WestSideWings x Goldlichtstudios

A surprise for the Easter Bunny: Westsidewings x Goldlichtstudios

How I celebrate the Easter this year? I spend a week in Kuehlungsborn and Heiligendamm, in one of the most relaxing places to me: free time, wellness, fresh breeze & good food are… Continue reading

Before New York

Before I go next month to New York again, here some impressions of the “Native Indian in New York”! The pictures are for me the adjustment between Old and New World societies, always… Continue reading

Q10 Magic Power – my secret N°4

You all know about my passion for maintenance and for cosmetics, sport and healthy food. I do really something for me, for my skin and my body, day by day! Just like last week, when… Continue reading

It happened again- Blauer Ball!

It happened again! This time I was invited for a Blauer Ball with 900 vip guests, organized by  Marianne and Günther Ehnert, moderated by Anna Heesch and for the music was responsible DJ Mr.Happy and… Continue reading

Dress for success

  During the ball season 2017 in Hamburg I had also the chance to take a part in the anniversary Blauer Ball (Blue Ball), one of the most important charity ball in Hamburg… Continue reading

 Beautiful trip to the house of my parents 

Before surprise event next week in Hamburg here a short photographic diary from last week in my home city Gdansk, where I had unforgettable memories, where I met some dear friends of mine and where… Continue reading


Last week I visited the atelier of designer Ella Deck in Hamburg-Eppendorf. This is a place where is savoir-faire, know-how, routine and creations in an artist’s workshop, the place where Ella Deck meets the… Continue reading

For the première of “Robin Schulz, the movie”

Photo by Cetin Yaman I was here for the world premiere of “Robin Schulz, the Movie” by Sven Kirschner and Paul Hauptmann! If you follow me on Instagram, you already know what I’m… Continue reading

Hello World! Part 2

Do you remember my last visit in summer 2016 at Metropolitan gallery: “POP NEVER DIES” ? Last Thursday I attended the opening new exhibition at the Metropolitan Gallery in the Hafen City and from the morning… Continue reading

Lawyers’ Ball 2017 in Hamburg

    After the wonderful experience in the Elbphilharmonie and before the holidays, I decided to come to the yearly traditional Ball of Legal 2017 in the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski in Hamburg, under the patronage of… Continue reading

Hello World! Part 1

  You can find more about new private view in the Metropolitan Gallery   HERE    


Yesterday I had the pleasure to be invited to the Elbphilharmonie, which has opened in January 2017, designed by architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron. The acoustics were designed by Yasuhisa Toyota who installed about 10,000 individually microshaped drywall plates to… Continue reading

With Canada Goose to the Swan Lake

So I started my last week in January with the Swan Lake – one of the most popular of all ballets, composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky,  never seen anything similar before: a spectacular cast, the stage becoming different… Continue reading

Inspire others

    I’ve always been lucky enough to organize my time in my favorite way, and the funniest activities always were the one I was doing during the week, while weekend was dedicated… Continue reading

Akademie Mode & Design – Graduate Fashion Show

The motto of the Fashion show “PLUS 17” at the Mode & Design Academy AMD in Hamburg on 28 January was “GET REAL”. Around 1000 visitors was there to see the collection of fashion… Continue reading

Moschino Coat and coast by east

Here is another one of my looks, completely in black SportAlm Dress, Tahari scarf and purple Moschino coat at Saturday night in the Coast by East  in Hamburg. If you follow me on Instagram you probably already know… Continue reading


  I have nothing against the cold, especially If i can enjoy it with right clothes: It becomes the perfect occasion to wear the cosy new items, like these ones I wore today in… Continue reading

If I could turn back time

If i could turn back time to the xmas holidays… Some shoes or another accessories are born to become Icons, like a boots from Givenchy. That was my present from Santa this year:-)… Continue reading

When I met Prof. Henning Vöpel – Interview for FashionBiznes Poland

More or less one month ago I had the chance to interview prof. Henning Vöpel CEO in Hamburg Institute of International Economics (Hamburgisches WeltWirtschafts Institut HWWI) Germany. We talked about the globalization process in the… Continue reading

Best of 2016

As a tradition, just after Christmas I start thinking about the year which is about to end. I look at my blog from the beginning of January 2016 to the last post I… Continue reading

Santa Pauli Xmas Market

  I love Christmas days. For Christmas Eve and Christmas day I wore simple and comfortable looks, also for the xmas market with some friends I wore Karl Lagerfeld Jacket with the Love… Continue reading

preparing for new year’s eve

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, time for the family, friends or just for relax with the beloved one or time for yourself. Whenever I have the time, I love to descover… Continue reading

First collection of the WestSideWings Line

  Here are some goods from my new westsidewings line, available in  WESTSIDEWINGSCOLLECTION store. Which is your favourite?              

Orange Bitters Jo Malone Xmas Event

It’s always like this…Christmas time arrives and you start to ‘panic’ for finding not only a gift…but The Gift: for your best friends, mum, sisters… So, where shall we start? First, think about… Continue reading

Days like this

This is one of the looks I wore in my “hamburger” weekend for the breakfast in Fetch some weeks ago. My outfit was easy, that’s the way I love to dress in rainy and… Continue reading

The ball of seafaring

  Traditionally, the “International Ball of Seafahring” opened the Harburg’s ball season. In the Privathotel Lindtner, on 26 November the chairman of the naval team, Michael Pahlke opened the ball. Around 250 guests of… Continue reading