2 days big 5 Safari

IMG_7231 Kopie

That was an experience! 2 days in the National Kruger Park, between South Africa and Mozambique:)  In the largest game reserves in Africa which spans across 19,633 square kilometers, that’s just smaller than the size of Belgium! The Kruger National Park is home  to over 12,000 elephants, 27,000 African Buffalo, 1,000 leopards and lots of other wonderful wildlife. Enjoy!

IMG_7201 KopieIMG_7167 KopieIMG_7056 KopieIMG_4277 KopieIMG_4334 KopieIMG_4274 KopieIMG_4384 2 KopieIMG_4356 KopieIMG_4419 2 KopieIMG_4432 KopieIMG_7150 KopieIMG_4444 KopieIMG_4370 KopieIMG_4324 KopieIMG_4297 KopieIMG_4267 KopieIMG_4362 KopieIMG_4394 KopieIMG_4430 KopieIMG_4464 2 KopieIMG_4323 KopieIMG_4329 KopieIMG_9744 Kopie

Photo by Bernadette&Uli

IMG_7217 KopieIMG_9745 Kopie

Photo by Bernadette&Uli

IMG_4339 2 KopieIMG_4311 KopieIMG_7240 KopieIMG_7367 KopieIMG_7164 Kopie

Photos by Adriana Sobecka