Beautiful trip to the house of my parents 


Before surprise event next week in Hamburg here a short photographic diary from last week in my home city Gdansk, where I had unforgettable memories, where I met some dear friends of mine and where I was just with my family, the most important people in the world to me..


IMG_7681IMG_9793 2


IMG_9938IMG_7679IMG_7628 2IMG_7604IMG_0277IMG_7510IMG_7575IMG_0350IMG_7418IMG_9814IMG_7657IMG_0327IMG_7649

IMG_0264 KopieIMG_7474IMG_0267IMG_7619IMG_9780IMG_0369

Good Night home!


I was wearing:

Tommy Hilfiger Jeans

Celvin Klein Bag

Canada Goose Parka

Luka Pelli Vest