Best of 2016

As a tradition, just after Christmas I start thinking about the year which is about to end. I look at my blog from the beginning of January 2016 to the last post I wrote on 30th December, shot some days ago in Hamburg. I think about all the things which happened in the middle, in these 12 months that make me smile and I thank for all the joys and satisfactions. 2016 was for me the year of the travels, of the major collaborations, of the new projects and of the first editorials, but also of the redaction for a fashion&business newspaper in Poland and I started my own line westsidewingscollection with nice model Nina:-)

This year I started with a Berlin Fashion Week, where I met a lot of nice people, then I have been in Switzerland for Ski, in Paris for Paris Fashion Week and another place.

I had a on the road trip with some of my closest friends last summer in Borkum and some nice place in Poland.

2016 was the year of my first collaborations with 2 Kosmetikstudios: Katja Weise and Kosmetik&NagelStudio, both from Hamburg, also with the online shop: Aboutyou, Sprung Feres from Paris; ModeAcademy JAK, Schwarzkopf Academy, PhotoStudio- Goldlichtsudios and Riverbus.

I was  in September for my first time in Düsseldorf for Vogue Fashion Night Out.

I visited Rolls-Roys Hamburg, Gregs & Metropolitan Gallery Hamburg for a PopArt Exhibition, HAIR FASHION NIGHT organized by LOREAL, Laurel Show and Weekend MaxMara Event, Ziesel Park Hamburg for the Summer Party, 25 YEARS ANNIVERSARY of the Japanese Garden and different events by Jo Malone, the Ball of Seafaring with the Polish Consul, Hamburger Kammerspiele and Ernst Deutsch Theater, Octoberfest..etc

Adel Concert was definitely the most touching experience of 2016.

WestSidewings won a new photographer Marzena Brandt, joined us from the middle of the year.

So yes, here I am again with this end of the year post. And here I am again to write a list of next year resolutions and wish yourself the feeling you experience when something you only thought quietly in your head becomes real.

For this new year I wish you: from a different haircut to a new job, a new holiday place, to a new experience and challenges!

Thanks for another wonderful year spent together:-) Maybe 2017 be special and unique year to all of you..



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