What can I answer to the aboutyou.de team, when..

 fist about you.jpg

Here is another big project. A project which started some weeks ago and that was always harder to keep secret to you guys. What can I answer to the aboutyou.de team, one of my all time favorite websites, when I was asked to present some clothes from their online shop? Of course yes: and here is my choice : beautiful wool coat  and grey scarf.

In this season, when I have to choose which colors to wear I’m kinda “classic”: I am crazy for pink and grey. I love a feminine colors, that makes each woman strong enough to do everything she wants 🙂

This collection in the online shop ABOUTYOU represent me 100%, a collection that makes me smile and be happy, a collection where I can feel like a woman, a collection that I can’t wait to be wearing this fall and winter and that I can finally reveal!






         In cooperation with aboutyou.de

Photos by Zsolt Somorjai