Hamburger Kammerspiele


Winter means for me also time for the theater, musicals, cinema etc. The Hamburger Kammerspiele, founded by Erich Ziegel in 1918, developed into a center of modern, expressionist private theater in the 1920s. Both buildings of the theater were rebuilt and modernized, the main hall today has 419 spectators.

We’ve seen “DIVEN” -tragic, comic, desperate, passionate, just like slumbery divas, the two fight for their lives, their existence and their recognition behind and on the stage, the boards that mean the world until the red curtain falls. Competition, what a current theme?!

I was wearing:  MONCLER Jacket from the limited edition in our shop  you can find  here  (during the two weeks). Jasmine&Juliane Trousers, LadyAvenue Silk Top, VeroCuoio Shoes, Christian Berg Scarf, H&M Gloves.


Photos by Zsolt Somorjai